The Tin Woman, by Sean Grennan, is one of the VERY few plays I have ever read that made me both laugh out loud and cry while reading it! I have not had the good fortune to see it onstage yet, but I can tell you, it is a very fine play, indeed. An important play.

– Brian Russel, Chicago Director.

I was moved to tears and laughter while watching The Tin Woman. This play is so well written and it was equally well performed by the Cast at Peninsula Players. I was touched very deeply.

Terese Walworth Boeck

I have attended a lot of theater and I have enjoyed a majority of things I have attended. The Tin Woman was an experience like no other! I felt as if I was involved with the characters. I felt a personal attachment to not one or two characters, but I was emotionally connected to each one. The humor interspersed throughout the play seemed to me the perfect emotional balance for the more sensitive aspects of the play. I physically felt the emotional roller coaster for several days after the play and it’s themes and acting are as clear to me today as the day I first enjoyed this event. I still reminisce with others that have seen The Tin Woman and their recollections and emotional connection mirror mine. I implore you to attend a performance of The Tin Woman if you ever have the chance! You will not be disappointed.  Please feel free to contact me if you have and questions. I never tire of talking about The Tin Woman. 

Dan Sallinen