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  • Milwaukee Journal
    “Tears accompany the laughter… a play that reminded me of ‘Ordinary People.’”
  • News Leader
    “…exiting the theatre, there was only one word in my head. ‘Wow!’ Just ‘Wow!’ “
  • Florida Onstage
    “…a mature, deftly crafted and accomplished work…”
  • News Review
    “…the play builds to a closing scene that evokes genuine sentiment and empathy by finding …
  • Newsday
    “…a compelling case for how ordinary people might behave under extraordinary circumstances…”
  • Peninsula Pulse
    “The resolution is as emotionally powerful as it is intellectually unexpected.”
  • Door County
    “Grennan’s play catches the nuances in life changing events.”
  • Press Gazette
    “Full of laughter and light, even at the darkest moments.”
  • Greenbay
    “Grennan’s script is a set up for acting with soul…(he) knows how to write, knows …